Amazing Deals from the Best Car Wash in Branford


Amazing Deals from the Best Car Wash in Branford

Timothy McDermott

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate your loved ones, than by giving them the gift of the best car wash around! With our Valentine’s Day deals, you can save big while still putting in the effort needed to make you and your Valentine’s car look spectacular. At branford Car Wash, we’re offering a limited time special that gives you plenty of options for putting a smile on your loved one’s face.

Car Wash & Express Wax

This deal is perfect for when you’re looking for a one-time clean that’ll knock someone’s socks off. We offer a full service car wash and wheel deal, which includes a list of services such as interior vacuuming, exterior washing, towel drying, and windows and dashboard cleaning. With in depth and intense cleaning, your car will sparkle like never before!

3 Full Service Car Washes

This bundle deal is perfect for a longer lasting gift, with the same benefits as the Car Wash and Express Wax. The best things come in threes! With a low price of only $57.00, this perfect bundle is great for extending the cleanliness of your loved ones’ cars. Car detailing is the best premium option to improve the look and feel of your car. Stepping into a clean and organized vehicle after a stressful day can make your day a little bit better. With the best car wash in the area, you’ll be glad you picked this option!

3  Super Wash Car Washes

As another three visit bundle, this deal doesn’t disappoint. With full service car washes, polish wax, chassis bathes, and sealer wax, you’ll be happy with all of the added bonuses this special produces. Going the extra mile with waxing your car can prevent dirt and grime sticking to your car during the winter months. Salt and dirt have a habit of accumulating on the outside of your car, and having a deep clean can be just what your car needs. This can be especially detrimental to the underbody of your car, making the chassis bath even more beneficial. Only the best car wash company can provide a supreme chassis bath.

3 Works Car Washes

The works- A common term to mean extra, super, or the best option for anything. This wash deal includes a super wash, a wheel deal, and even a free air freshener for each of your three visits. You can space these visits out to fully optimize the work done by our staff to keep your car nice and clean. Again, winter months can be a drag for your car’s appearance. After every storm, the extra salt always sticks to the outside of your car. Maintaining its appearance will look good on you for giving this lovely gift as a Valentine’s Day present.

Don’t miss out on these amazing deals from the best car wash in Connecticut. For more information on all our specials, visit us online or call us today at 203-481-2770. We’re happy to answer any questions and provide any clarity for our services!

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