Drive Through Car Wash Benefits in the Winter


Drive Through Car Wash Benefits in the Winter

Timothy McDermott

Are you looking at your car and seeing that it is not looking the best right now? Do you need a car wash to get all that salt off? Here at Branford Car Wash, we provide a drive through car wash to wash off all the dirt and salt over the winter months.

You don’t want to leave the salt on your car because it will just corrode the paint. When salt is left to corrode it will become rusty which is not a good look. Just imagine you never washed your car over the winter months. This means that the salt is eating away at the paint and turning your car rusty. Do you really want to have to pay to get the rust fixed later down the line? It will save you time and money if you just use a drive through car wash.

High-Value Services

We have a lot more than just the basic wash. If you want to get more than the basics we have you covered. Our deals start at the wheel deal and go all the way up to the extreme works. Each wash has its unique features set to that certain wash. Our first package is the Full Service which includes an interior vacuum, exterior wash, towel dry and your windows and dash will be cleaned.

Super Wash

Our next service up is a Super Wash which has extras to protect your car. You get all the full-service wash services along with a polish wax, chassis bath and rust inhibitor, and sealer wax. Getting these add-ons will be helpful in the long term because your car will look the best it has.

Upgrading with “The Works”

Next is The Works which has everything from our two previous tiers but has some added features. The service includes the wheel deal which is where the rims are cleaned and the tires are shined and a free air freshener. If your paint is going to look good why not have your tires look better?

Extreme Cleanliness with The Extreme Works

Lastly, Extreme Works is our highest service that is available. This service is the best one we have for many different reasons but the biggest one is because of all the added protectants. For example, we add extra shine wax and add Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant too. Don’t worry about this wash, you get all the services from The Works service too.

We are not just a drive through car wash. Here at Branford Car Wash, we want to make sure that you walk away happy every time and have your car looking the best it can. Not only do we want your car to look the best but also want to make sure that it is protected for the winter months. Visit our website at to learn more about all the services we offer. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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