Drive-through Car Wash in Branford, CT


Drive-through Car Wash in Branford, CT

Timothy McDermott

Finding the time to care for your vehicle can be difficult, which is why Branford Car Wash offers a variety of express services to get you in and out quickly. Getting a drive-through car wash is a quick and easy way to keep your car clean, but car maintenance is more than exterior care. Regular oil changes will help keep your vehicle running smoothly. At Branford Car Wash, we provide express lube services to get you that oil change as quickly as possible.

All vehicles require oil to keep the moving parts in the engine lubricated. Over time, the oil becomes old and turns into sludge, which is why it is necessary to drain and replace it with clean oil. Fresh oil will not only help with the lubrication of the engine, but it will keep the engine clean and free from dirt and debris.

Oil levels in the car can also decrease due to consumption or leaks, which puts extra stress on the engine, so be sure to check the oil level in your car frequently. Getting your oil changed regularly will improve your vehicle’s performance and extend the life of your engine.

If you run your car on old oil, the engine will be at risk of seizing up. The engine is the most important and expensive part of your car, so regular oil changes are necessary to avoid costly repairs down the road. At Branford Car Wash, you can get a drive-through car wash and get your oil changed on the same day.

How often your car needs the oil changed depends on multiple factors such as type of vehicle, type of oil, and mileage. Your car may also have a warranty that requires a timely oil change or the warranty is void. Whatever the case, getting an oil change is an essential part of car maintenance, and Branford Car Wash is here to help. We carry different oils for different vehicle types, and a large inventory of filters and lightbulbs as well.

Signs you may need an oil change depends on the situation, but some things to look out for are:

  • A Low reading on your oil dipstick.
  • Oil appears dirty or is no longer transparent.
  • It has been 3,000miles since your last oil change.
  • Any unusual clicking sounds.
  • Engine may be overheating.

We know your time is valuable, which is why we offer an express oil change service here at Branford Car Wash. With this service, we will check your filters, other fluid levels, and so much more. We even include a free car wash with your express lube service because we believe in protecting your vehicle from the inside out! Pair your express oil change with a drive-through car wash, and you are good to go.

Do you also need the inside of your car cleaned and detailed? Hit the trifecta with an express oil change, express detail service, and take advantage of our drive-through car wash. We care about you and your car, which is why Shoreline publications voted us the best car wash for 2021!

For more information about our express services, visit us online or call (203) 481-2770. We hope to see you soon!

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