Express Drive-Through Car Wash


Express Drive-Through Car Wash

Timothy McDermott

Branford drive-through car wash will keep you coming back. Not only do we have the best full-service car wash, but we also have a great express detail service, complete auto detailing, express oil changes, and express lube services as well.

We truly take care of your car no matter how dusty or dirty it may be. You can come in Monday- Saturday between 8 am & 6 pm, or Sunday 9a, to 4 pm. We now offer monthly unlimited car washes for just $22.

Bring your vehicle at any time for one low monthly price. Additionally, Branford Car Wash is offering an extra 20% off additional vehicles with the family plan. We truly make getting a car wash exceptionally easy for you.

For those of you on the go that just need a quick wash, our drive-through car wash sounds perfect for you. Now you can get the look of a hand wash without having to get out of your car. You can also check out our full-service car wash.

This has a ton of different options to choose from for very good prices. Our wash menu has a plethora of different choices. To start, we offer a wheel deal, chassis bath, and an exterior wash with towel dry so the water does not leave marks on your vehicle.

Our full-service wash includes interior vacuum, exterior wash, towel dry, as well as a full dash and window cleaner to remove all of those pesky fingerprints.

We also offer a superwash, the works and the extreme works. The superwash service includes full-service wash, Polish wax, chassis bath & rust inhibitor, and a sealer wax.

When you choose the works, you get full service & superwash, the wheel deal, free air freshener, and your dash and windows cleaned.

Lastly, we offer extreme works which are a complete car makeover. The works consist of all the above services, including extreme shine wax, RAIN-X complete surface protectant, and rust inhibitor.

If these services sound appealing to you, swing by Branford car wash to check them out. We offer something that other car washes don’t and that’s great service, prices, and customer service. This is the reason we were named by Shoreline publications as the best car wash for 2021.

With our drive-through car wash, we can get your vehicle looking new without you having to get out. This is the reason we have been one of the most reliable car washes over the years.

This is perfect if you are in a rush, or simply want to stay covid friendly. At Branford car wash, we always follow protocol to keep you and your family safe and healthy. We make sure we are wiping down surfaces every two hours, washing our hands, and wearing gloves.

To check us out visit our location at 938 W. Main Street Branford, CT 06405, or visit our website to check out our other services.

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