Full Service Car Wash Heats Up your Winter Problems!


Full Service Car Wash Heats Up your Winter Problems!

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During the winter months, most people like to avoid a full service car wash. While it’s true that an exterior wash in freezing temperatures is bad for your car, there are some benefits for seeking a full service car wash. Road salt is great for clearing the roads of hazardous snow, but it can have a detrimental effect on your car. Today, we’ll be talking about the negative effects of road salt and why it’s so important to ensure your car is clean during the winter.

We won’t knock the importance of road salt; it’s crucial to prevent accidents during the winter and in creating safe winter driving. It literally lowers the freezing point of water, which breaks the ice down so that your tires can hit the pavement for effective traction. However, the chemical nature of this material can be corrosive to your car.

Road salt can be a huge contributor to rust on your vehicle, and this becomes an even bigger problem when that rust is corroding your car’s underbody. With most of the underbody of today’s cars being open, salt that’s placed on roads will naturally go up and corrode these important sections. Seeing these issues is impossible unless you’re actively looking for them, and cleaning them is next to impossible except from a full service car wash.

During the colder months, many drivers will stash their car inside a garage, allowing the salt, snow, and ice to sit underneath and corrode on its under components. This can directly affect the muffler and exhaust systems, the frame of your car, and even coil springs, which are all very common in our area. Visiting a full service car wash with an under-spray can help to prevent any corrosive damage to your vehicle by cleaning the underbody.

Road salt can also cause issues with the interior of your car. Tracking salt on your shoes can lead to deterioration of your floor mats, which can create a mess in your car as well. With a detailing service, your interior can be kept clean and fresh as well.

Preventing winter damage on your car is also great for maintenance, and hopefully we can provide some assistance with that as well. Preparing your windshield and windows for colder months is crucial for visibility. Applying a cleaning agent on the interior and then an anti-fogging coating can improve visibility and reduce condensation on the glass, preventing your windows from fogging up.

Replacing window washer fluid with a de-icing fluid can also be a life saver on your way to work. A thin layer of ice can prevent visibility when driving, and a de-icing liquid can make your morning routine a lot quicker and easier. At our full service car wash, we can provide you with this swap while also checking your wiper blades.

For more information on our winter services, visit our services page. For any questions regarding a full service car wash call us at (203) 481-2770.

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