Save Time and Money with A Drive Through Car Wash


Save Time and Money with A Drive Through Car Wash

Timothy McDermott

It’s Summer, which means you’re going to be driving a lot! From picking up the kids from their summer Break activities, going on road trips, and driving out for a weekend of fun. Whatever the occasion, you are going to be busy. That means you won’t have time to spend hours washing the car in the blistering summer heat. The solution? A drive through car wash! When it comes time to drive into Branford Car Wash, you will have everything you need to get your vehicle cleaned quickly, thoroughly, and affordable. So stop wasting hours on washing your car by yourself when you can have it expertly done in just a few minutes.

Save Time and Money with A Drive Through Car Wash

Here are five advantages of taking your car to a drive through car wash.

Save Time and Money: The biggest benefit of a drive through car wash is that they save you a large amount of time. You can take your vehicle through a drive through car wash within minutes, whereas hand washing your car can take hours. While most drivers acknowledge that drive-through car washes save them time in their day, it is a lesser-known fact that a drive through car wash saves you money as well as time. 

You may think that hand-washing your car on your own using a bucket, soap, sponge and a hose saves you money. While it is true that taking your car to an automatic car wash costs money, it is actually more cost-effective than washing your car by hand, considering the supplies you need to purchase. 

Prevent Damage: Hand-washing your car on your own may do significant damage to your car’s exterior paint job. When you scrub the exterior part of your car by hand, you can create tiny scratches in the paint job of your vehicle, no matter how careful you are when cleaning. 

Over a period of time, the scratches you create can dull the finish of your vehicle’s exterior and paint. A drive through car wash, on the other hand, relies heavily on high-pressure water power to wash vehicles in order to prevent damage to your car’s finish. 

Protect the Environment: Yes, taking your car to a drive through car wash rather than hand-washing it on your own, can help you do your part to protect our planet. Since drive-through car washes use less water than what you use at home, an automatic car wash is the more environmentally-friendly option. 

Customize Your Wash: At Branford Car Wash, our drive through car wash offers a variety of customizable options that allow you to choose which cleaning services you want the wash to perform on your vehicle. From our exterior wash to extreme works, you can easily customize the type of wash you want for your vehicle that best meets your car’s needs and the price point that works for you. 

Get Better Results: No matter how much effort and hours you put into washing your own car, it is more than likely that an automatic car wash will provide your vehicle with a more thorough wash. When you wash your car by hand, you can miss areas of your vehicle and leave those hard-to-reach parts of your car dirty. 

When you hand wash your car, you can be causing more damage to your wallet, and your car’s exterior. So stop wasting precious hours of your summer by hand washing your car in the heat, and drive into Branford Car Wash and Express Lube today! We’re located at 938 W. Main Street, Branford, CT, and our friends at Branford Car Wash are here to answer any of your questions at 203.481.2770 or contact us through our website. We can’t wait to see you, and help you get your car looking brand new!

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