Should I Get a Full Service Car Wash This Week?


Should I Get a Full Service Car Wash This Week?

Timothy McDermott

If you think that detailing your vehicle is strictly for the spring and summer months when the sun can glint off the freshly waxed exterior, think again! One of your car’s number one enemies is road salt, which can eat through your car’s finish and contribute to premature rusting. Keep your car protected from the long-term damage of winter road conditions with a full service car wash or detailing service at Branford Car Wash & Express Lube!

Spring is almost here, which means we’re approaching our final snow days. Although it’s tempting to wait until warmer weather, delaying your next car wash could cause exterior corrosion when they don’t salt the roads. Other elements like caked-on snow, ice, and mud can trap moisture against your car’s finish. Even if it merely rains during the day but the temperature drops overnight, you’ll want to make sure your car has a layer protecting it. The kind of protection you’ll get from a professional detailing service.

Especially with a mix or warm and below-freezing days, the interior of your car is going through a lot. Your leather, vinyl, and plastic parts go through a strenuous amount of contracting and expanding with the cold and heat. As a result, the material becomes damaged over time.

And every time you get in your vehicle with wet, muddy, or snowy shoes, your carpet takes a hit. Your car needs to be cleaned more often, not less, in the winter! When you bring your car in for a detailing surface, our products will prevent all the interior components of your car from becoming dry, brittle, and cracking apart.

After you have bodywork completed on your car, you’re expected to wait to wash it. Recommendations on how long you should wait may vary depending on the body shop and the services performed on your car, but the majority have a general consensus.

If you get a car wash too soon after work is done to your car, you may jeopardize the health and performance of the paint. A newly repaired car’s paint is soft, which means it needs time to properly cure. A simple water wash is fine, just like driving in the rain will be fine for your vehicle. But mechanical and high-pressure washes as well as car soaps and wax can lead to the paint looking dull or even becoming damaged.

So, the consensus: most body shops recommend you wait 30, 60, or 90 days till you get your next full service car wash. Even though it may seem like a long time, many are incorrectly under the impression that the car’s paint job is going to be affected by dirt and grime without a car wash. The opposite is true – waiting will protect the investment you’ve made in your car and help it look its best while the paint’s solvents have time to cure and evaporate.

If you’re approaching the end of your wait-time or you’re looking for a car wash service to rid your car of the corrosion-causing substances from the wintery road, we invite you to visit us at Branford’s Car Wash & Express Lube.

We offer a variety of interior and exterior services from our full service car wash, express, and complete detailing, and express oil change services. Our Express Lube Service includes installing new oil, checking the cabin air filter, checking wiper blades and lights, and checking/filling brake fluid, washer fluid, battery, coolant, and power steering fluid.

From keeping your vehicle clean to express oil change services, we want you to drive away happy and satisfied in a car that gives you confidence on the road. Find your one-stop car cleaning and service station at Branford’s Car wash & Express Lube in Branford, Connecticut. We promise that our award-winning car wash will leave you driving away with a smile! If you have questions regarding your car wash, detailing, or service options, give us a call today at (203)481-2770.

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