We’re Detail Oriented, Especially Car Detailing Oriented


We’re Detail Oriented, Especially Car Detailing Oriented

Timothy McDermott

As the world slowly starts to make its way back to some sort of normalcy, our day to day lives begin to start up again. From commuting to work, to driving kids to sports games and practices. We begin to use our cars more and more again, meaning it might be time to visit the Branford Car Wash for an advanced and professional car detailing experience.

As we drive our little ones around, we are unaware of how much dirt we are really letting in our cars. Whether it’s baseball, softball, soccer, or really any other sport, the kids always seem to track dirt into the car, no matter how many times you make them shake off their cleats. Enter the Branford Car Wash, your one stop solution for expert car detailing services.

So you’ve made it to the game, but often parking lots for kids’ sports are made of a concoction of gravel and dirt. These makeshift parking lots can have negative implications on the look of the outside of your car. Between the tires and doors, it might look like you just went through the Great Dust Bowl of the 1930s. Let us use our expert exterior detailing services to wash and dry the outside to ensure it looks brand new, leaving any painted surfaces shining bright.

Our large number of options ensure that we can offer the right service for you. From cleaning your mats and carpets with hot shampoo, to cleaning the leather, vinyl, to cloth upholstery in your car with our state-of -the-art cleaning products. Our procedures ensure that every aspect, including those seemingly impossible to reach places, leave cleaner than they came in.

At Branford Car Wash, we’ve discovered that car mats can often be the hotspot for dirt, grease, and grime in the vehicle. That’s why with many of our packages, we offer a new and advanced wash to restore them the most efficient and effective way possible. With the New Mytee Lite extraction system, we leave your mats the best they can look, removing months of debris easily.

Now let’s talk about windows. For some reason, little ones love to touch them, leaving their fingerprints all over. Rather than trying to remove the prints yourself, let us provide the care that your windows need. From inside to outside, our high quality car detailing services provide an unmatched cleaning of the windows, sure to remove any grime your little ones left.

Unsure you have the time to get your car completely cleaned? No need to skip the opportunity. We offer express washes for many aspects of car interiors. These professional detailing washes take less than 30 minutes and can provide a much needed boost to the inside of your car.

Not only do we have quick cleaning service offers, but we also offer complete car detailing options leaving your car looking and feeling cleaner than ever. This immersive car cleaning service removes any smudges that are left on the outside, as well as any dirt, grime, and almost anything else on the inside. This cleaning process provides an all-in-one package for car detailing that will leave it looking like when you drove off the lot.

Now that your family car looks brand new, let’s talk about the one you drive to work. Cars can leave a lasting impression on coworkers, clients, and business partners, so let us ensure that it’s a positive one. Just promise us that when your coworkers comment on how pristine your car looks, you tell them it was us.

We’ve always heard, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts”, and the same can be said for your car. As the world opens up again, the possibility of carpooling becomes ever present. Let us make it so you don’t have to panic clean as your coworkers enter the car. Come by Branford Car Wash to remove everything from coffee stains to food crumbs, to keep your car looking as professional as you do.

As your car nears the end of its cleaning journey, our last step in the detailing process is to ensure that we did everything we could. We do a final check and hand touch-up with microfiber towels to allow us to deliver your car with confidence, knowing we restored it’s look and shine.

There’s no better time than now to get your car cleaned. Kids and work never take a break, so neither do we. We are open all year round to keep your car looking good from winter to summer. Each season brings a new challenge, so let the experts take care of it for you.

With close to 60 years of combined experience in auto detailing, our team at Branford Car Wash promises to have your car looking like new again. Our top of the line car detailing and customer service skills produce positive experiences no matter what package you decide. Visit our website for more information about our exterior and interior detailing services, and to book an appointment today.

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