Your Summertime Car Wash Nearby Branford


Your Summertime Car Wash Nearby Branford

Timothy McDermott

Summertime is halfway over. That probably means you’ve been taking trips to the zoo, park, beach, and more. Of course, during this time in the blistering heat, your car can take a serious beating! Keeping your car clean during the summer is a must for anyone looking to extend the life of their car as well as maintain a flourishing appearance. Next time you’re driving around town, think about taking it to a car wash nearby in Branford, CT to clean it off and get a good head start for the coming fall and summer.

Branford Car Wash Branford Full Service Car WashKeeping the exterior of your car clean has plenty of benefits – aside from making it look super bright and squeaky clean! Although washing your car all year round is important, you should also maintain the exterior in the hot summer months by taking it to a car wash nearby. Here are some of the top reasons to wash your car during the summer.

Keep the Dirt Away: The summer season means dirt, mud, pollen, and sand. They both can carry unwelcome elements which can damage your car’s exterior or paint. This is especially true if dirt gets baked on during the hot Connecticut summers. Over time, dried dirt, mud, and sand can cause early wear on your car’s exterior body and paint job. 

No Fun in the Sun: We all love the summer sun! Your car? Not so much. The blistering heat and scorching sunlight can show early wear and tear on your car. This is especially true of bugs, or bird droppings that may bake onto your car’s paint. Over time, this can wear the paint down and cause cracks and fades. If the vehicle has small discoloration already, intense heat can make it worse.

Bugs: One of the toughest parts of keeping your car clean in the summertime is the left behind the presence of those annoying bugs. Your paint, bumper, and windshield never seem to be safe! Over a period of time, those bugs can eventually start to damage your car. As they decay, they can cause discoloration and fading on your paint or exterior surface. 

Spring Leftovers and Pollen: For many of us, pollen is probably the worst part of summertime. Nonetheless, did you know that pollen leftover from the Spring and early Summer can actually damage your car? Pollen actually has tiny thorns around it, and these thorns are what cause pollen to stick to your vehicle. They can also cause tiny scratches on your car’s paint and an exterior surface. However, these scratches are not easily visible to the human eye, but over time can cause a problem with your car’s paint.

Rain Doesn’t Always Mean A Free Car Wash: There’s something relaxing about Connecticut rainfall in the summertime. However, don’t sleep on it, because that extra rain can bring more issues for your car. For instance, acidic rain can cause damage to your car’s paint and exterior over time, and cause blemishes. Furthermore, rain can also bring particulates and other pollutants that can leave blemishes or discoloration on your car’s paint and an exterior surface. Of course, you assume the rainfall means you don’t have to wash your car. However, taking your car to a car wash nearby the day after a downpour can help wash away any harmful particulates that the storm the day before may have left on your car.

Taking your car into Branford Car Wash and Express Lube in the summer is a solid plan for anyone looking to extend the warranty of their car, avoid costly paint and bodywork, and keep their car looking fresh and squeaky clean! So make plans to stop at a car wash nearby in Branford CT, we’re located at 938 W. Main Street, Branford, CT, we look forward to helping you keep your car looking fresh and clean, so you can plan more road trips and worry less about the summertime mess.

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