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When winter weather is frigid, drive thru car wash benefits are not the same as during the summer. The colder air can cause car door locks to freeze shut. To prevent this problem, it is important to dry your car completely before driving it. Additionally, road salt can stick to a wet car.3

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You may be wondering whether dish soaps are a good choice for car washing. However, these products can actually cause damage to the paint of your car. They contain ingredients that strip the paint and make it dull. Furthermore, dish soaps can also damage the wax coating of your vehicle, which is one of the main reasons to avoid at-home washes.

When washing your car at home, it is better to choose a special car wash soap that is designed for this purpose. Avoid using dish soap as it can strip the wax coating of your car, which can be harmful during the winter months. Unfortunately, at-home car washes can have a negative impact on the environment, and in the winter, the temperature difference in the air vs the water can potentially damage your car.

Avoid road salt

Winter road conditions are hazardous, and you want to protect your car from the damage it can cause. One of the ways we deal with that in the Northeast is with road salt. However, road salt contains chemical compounds that eat away at your car, and can cause permanent damage if not treated. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep your car safe and beautiful in winter.

First, be sure to wash your car frequently. This will help protect it and help it hold its value during the winter months. Secondly, you should wax your car to add a layer of protection against ice and road salt. Road salt tends to collect in places such as wheel wells, bumpers, door jams, and body trim mounting points. With the help of our drive thru car wash, these problems can be dealt with.

Salt is especially damaging to cars because it accelerates the rusting process, especially on the undercarriage. It also can affect the engine and braking system. If these parts rust out, they can lead to catastrophic failures of the car’s hydraulic systems.

Use warm water

During winter, using warm water for car washing is important. It increases the effectiveness of the soap while removing the risk of water freezing on your windshields. Getting a car wash in the middle of the day allows the temperature around you to naturally rise as well.

While winter weather is often tough on washing your car, it is still an important task. Salt and ice can corrode your paint job if you don’t wash your car. It’s important to avoid this problem by using warm water for car washing in winter, and our facility can provide that. Afterall, why on Earth would we use cold water to wash hundreds of cars per day?

For more information about our drive thru car wash, be sure to visit the rest of our website. Maintaining your car is important, especially in the winter with extra elements that can wear down your vehicle. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to call at 203-481-2770.

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