Interior Car Detailing in Branford CT


Interior Car Detailing in Branford CT

Timothy McDermott

We’ve always heard that cleaning the outside of your car during the winter is very important but how about the interior? No one usually talks about cleaning the interior of your car to the extent that they talk about keeping the outside clean.

However, the interior of the car can collect the most dirt than any other surface we come into contact with throughout the day. There are numerous reasons why you should prioritize interior car detailing. Luckily for you at Branford Car Wash, we understand how to properly clean the interior so you don’t have to stress about if you cleaned it properly or not.

Now let’s go into further detail about why it is important for interior car detailing to be at the top of your “To Do” list. First and foremost, the inside of a car can collect lots of food and dirt over time which could produce bad odors. The dirt and dust that accumulates in your car can produce toxic particles leaving you breathing them in while driving. At Branford Car Wash, we focus on eliminating any of those toxic particles by using special chemical cleaning supplies.

Also, imagine you picking up someone for a date but your car is filled with dust, dirt and food. Vacuuming yourself doesn’t get all of the dirt out which leaves you scrambling to find a way. At The Branford Car Wash, we offer express interior car detailing for your automobile so you don’t have to worry about any of that. With just a quick trip, we leave the inside of your car spotless.

Now, going into the causes of the dirt and odor buildup can be rather easy. The trip to the Branford Car Wash becomes necessary because of all the dirt build up that occurs each time we step into our car. Especially during the winter when all the salt is laid down for the snowy roads, maintaining a clean interior is most important to keep the carpets and leather materials looking nice. However, the biggest cause of dirt collecting on anyone’s floor mats to occur in the drive thru.

Let’s face it, we have all gone through a drive thru on our way to work, a game or even just on our way home. After getting our food, we reach into the bag to grab a fry or the burger to eat in the car but when we reach for the food, something spills out onto the floor. We are unable to reach it while driving but forget to grab it before exiting the car so it sits in our car rotting.

This has become more apparent in today’s society where we have COVID-19 forcing us to rely on take out ordering. We are in our cars more often which ultimately leads to more filth building up on those carpets. Keeping your car interior clean and hygienic can be difficult, but with the right detailing services, any small spaces can be cleansed.

During these times, we are taking extra caution while safely providing auto detailing services. With hourly sanitizing and mask wearing, we are able to dive in and provide a quality interior car detailing that will leave your car looking brand new! For more information, visit our page here or come visit our shop on Main Street in Branford, CT. We look forward to servicing you and your car in the near future!

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