Car Detailing at Its Finest


Car Detailing at Its Finest

Timothy McDermott

Branford Car wash can provide you with the best car detailing you have received thus far. We offer two types of detailing. Complete auto detailing, and express detail accommodations. With a multitude of options, there is definitely the right one for you.

With our express car detailing accommodation, you can decide on one of our express hand wax accommodations, express carpet cleaning, or our express interior plus. These detailed services are high quality and assured to last a while.

For the express hand wax service, we abstract all the dirt from the exterior. This offers you that new car shine while also abstracting light oxidation and protecting your car for months. This includes a car wash that is hand dried with a microfiber towel and can all be done in under 30 minutes.

Express carpet cleaning speaks for itself. You get your carpets and mats vacuumed, shampooed, and deodorized. This is impeccable for those of you who have pets. Again, we can have this done in under 30 minutes and there is no appointment needed.

Lastly, in this car detailing package, there is the express interior plus. With the plus package, we clean and shine your door panels, consoles, and dash with a protective ceramic coating then apply our paint protection film for a new paint finish. Our exterior detail will leave your car looking like you just drove it off the lot. Our interior detailing service will make you feel like you were the first one to own the vehicle.

If you are a member, we offer superb deals that can get your vehicles detailed for a lower price. All express detail services are up to $5.00 off.

Our complete professional auto detailing comes equipped with service offers that are incomparable. First is the interior detail package for under $100.

We guarantee your car is inspected prior to the wash and vacuum. We then give your car a wheel and tire treatment to recuperate the shine on those rims. Next, the leather, vinyl, dash, and door panels are cleaned and sprayed with a protective shine.

Our new Mytee Lite is one of our best cleaning products and will eliminate the stains or dirt out of any carpets and mats. Following the carpet cleaning, we remove all interior and exterior fingerprints from your windows. Any car owner knows that If you have children, those fingerprints and stains can build up expeditiously.

In winding up the interior detail package, we perform a final car service inspection and finish up the final touches.
The exterior detail package is a great complement to the interior package. We start every detailed package with an inspection. From there the exterior surface is prepared by removing any tar or debris.

We use our clay bar to restore the shine of your vehicle. The clay bar removes all the troublesome dirt marks that may have seeped in between the paint.

Next, we wax and finish the wheel treatment by hand. That is the difference between a professional detail and a regular detail. Most detailers will let your car air dry or run it through a machine in an attempt to dry it. This can cause watermarks on your vehicle.

After that, the trims, molding, gas door, trunk, hood hedges, and doors are all cleaned and waxed. Last are the windows and final inspection.

The biggest package of the three is the complete detail package. This includes top-of-the-line detailing supplies and car cleaning because it is a combination of our interior and exterior detail package. This means that our certified detailing experts will not only give your paint correction but also refurbish the interior.

Our customer service is unbeaten which is why we were named the best car wash of 2021. In addition to all of these great detailing services, we provide express lube services as well.

We are under an hour from South Windsor, Rocky Hill, and East Hartford, but if you want top-tier car detailing service, then we recommend making the trip.

During this process, we install new oil filters, check your cabin air filters, check and fill your power steering, brake fluid, washer fluid, battery, coolant, and transmission. Your wiper blades and check lights will all be inspected. We will be sure to leave your car in better condition than when you purchased it.

For more information on how to receive the best car care and car detailing, visit our website or give us a call at 203.481.2770.

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